How to move FlightRecorderCurrent.trc and msmdsrv.log

Quick and dirty tip on how to change a location of FlightRecorderCurrent.trc and msmdsrv.log files to the different path.
When you install OLAP Service it puts these files under Log Directory. FlightRecorderCurrent.trc and msmdsrv.log can grow really fast, so you might want to move them on a different drive.
To change the default location:

  1. Connect to Analysis Service in SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Right-click your server and select Properties.
  3. Change LogDir location to the different one
  4. Restart OLAP Service
  5. Remove old FlightRecorderCurrent.trc, FlightRecorderBack.trc and  msmdsrv.log

You can disable Flight Recorder feature altogether by changing Log \  FlightRecorder \ Enabled to False.  Analysis Services log file msmdsrv.log cannot be disabled, but you can control the location as described above.

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